In 2010 chef Ali Loukzada was visiting Mumbai, India and stopped by the leather store to get a belt made which he had purchased at the very same place in 1999 when he first came to the USA.
As he was going through the leather for his new belt, he had an idea of something that he had never thought of or seen before- so he took a piece of paper and started sketching his first knife bag the 17 pocket full leather knife bag.

At the time Ali was a sous chef at Buddakan in N.Y.C and returned to work with a leather knife bag and although the first bag had a few flaws, it seemed to work well and other chefs started showing their interest. He created a few more bags with minor adjustments and that's where Ali knew he was on to something and the company was born!

BOLDRIC MEANING: a belt for a sword or other piece of equipment, worn over one shoulder and reaching down to the opposite hip

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Why Organic Cotton?  -  Why Quality Leather?

Ali Loukzada

Co-Founder, Boldric Inc

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Loukzada spent his childhood working at family-owned restaurants. As a teenager Loukzada found himself spending most of his time learning to cook with his mother and grandmother, which ignited his passion for a culinary career.

Maryam Loukzada

Director of operations/Sales Manager

Maryam's previous jobs have all been hobbies turned professions: calligraphy, sculptures teaching kids at elementary school When it came down to figuring out a next direction for her career, all roads pointed back toward food. Being a manager at a Tile company for 3 years where she worked closely with her general manager and learnt the ins and outs of running a business.

Ali M Loukzada

Co-Founder, Boldric Inc.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India and attended a Jesuit high school and finished his masters in engineering at St Agnels collage in India and has deep roots in the hospitality and food service business took on the project In 2010.