About Boldric

Designed By Chef For Chefs

Inspired by his early days in NYC, Ali Loukzada wanted to recreate a classic butcher knife roll to withstand the lifestyle of a modern city chef. After crafting the very first 17-pocket leather knife bag in 2010, Chef Ali took his knife roll back into the kitchen of Buddakan in NYC to put the bag to the test. After sending the first bag through the rigorous trials in the kitchen and other chefs began to take notice, the Boldric knife bag was born. Loukzada set out to design knife rolls by chef for chefs and continues to design, test and perfect every Boldric creation.


The Chef Behind Boldric

Ali Loukzada naturally fell in love with food and cooking throughout his childhood having spent much of his time working at family owned restaurants. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Loukzada’s time spent learning to cook with his mother and grandmother as a teenager infused a lifetime passion for cooking. Despite his parent’s desire to pursue a white-collar career, they sent him packing to the United States in hopes that their son would find better restaurant opportunities there.

 In 1998, Loukzada arrived in NYC with only $350 in his pocket to pursue a culinary career. After beginning his first position as a bus boy at Pershing Square and gaining a few small promotions, Loukzada decided to take his career to the next level by attending the New York Restaurant School. Interning at David Waltuck’s Le Zinc and Chanterelle while enjoying every moment of his 80-hour workweeks, Loukzada knew that he was meant for the restaurant industry.

After graduation in 2001, Loukzada returned to Pershing Square as a sous chef and the following year, accepted a position to work under his soon-to-be mentor, Floyd Cardoz. Loukzada’s hard work never went unnoticed and was later promoted to entremetier and tournant. In 2006, Loukzada began working at Stephen Starr’s Asian fusion restaurant, Buddakan. The first Boldric knife bag was crafted in 2010 and the rest, as they say, is history.