Canvas is usually made of cotton or linen. It differs from other heavy cotton fabrics. Canvas comes in two basic types: plain and duck. The threads in duck canvas are more tightly woven. 

Bags are an essential accessory carried by all women as well as men. The wide variety of stylish bags provides us with a lot of options to select from. Fascinating texture, color, material and sheen are few factors that determine the quality of bags. One can pick from the distinguished patterns and size of bags as per the requirement. Bags are not restricted to being simple but there is whole new captivating range of embroidered bags, sequin bags, canvas bags, leather bags and so on. In our bags section, you can explore the vast collection of bags, with every bag described in brief. Know about the features, texture, quality, and durability of different types of bags.


Our production facilities are clean, spacious, well laid out, well ventilate and offer a safe environment
- We have a team of highly experienced managers and we hire skilled workers. Our workers are provided modern and well-maintained equipment that are critical not only for high quality products, but also safe workplace practices.
we believe in long-term relationship with customers. As such, we will continue to demonstrate customer commitment and not only retain existing customer, but also acquire new customers
- Our long-term growth strategy includes expanding current production facilities as well as diversifying into additional promotional products so that we may become a one stop shop.