Boldric Leather Bistro Apron

Boldric Leather Bistro Apron


Bistro Aprons, part of our new boldric Collection, provide a flash of style to make your staff shine. Long-lasting NDM leather and cotton material ensures durability and style!

Featuring 2 patch pockets over the lap. The Bistro Apron can stand up against long shifts and tough jobs. 


  • Color brown
  • NDM Indian Water buffalo leather 
  • 2 lap pocket
  • A brass D towel loop
  • 100% natural cotton straps 1 inch wide
  • 2 “ wide canvas lining 
  • 38" waist straps 
  • Apron L 33” x W 27”
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NDM means (natural dry milled) is the best leather that's found in India it's produced in Calcutta and it comes from water buffalo. This leather is called NDM because it's one piece of leather that's used to make these bags and approximately 2 animals’ skins are used to produce one bag (40 square feet). The leather comes from the saddle and the belly part of the animal, which cannot be bruised or damaged.  The way you can distinguish between artificial and real leather is that the grains in real leather are uneven and a little discolored.