Manufacturer: Haku *Engineered by Nenohi

Style: Sujihiki

Blade Material: High Carbon Inox Steel

Handle Material: Compressed Wood

HRC: 58*

Bevel Angle Ratio: 60/40

Length: 10 5/8" (27cm)

Weight: 6.9 oz

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Steel alloy blade is heated and then undergoes sub zero treatment to achieve a 59 Rockwell hardness rating.

Westernized handle is compressed wood with triple riveting for sturdy balancing. 

Double-sided edge beveling is easy to hone and retains sharpness longer .

Made in Japan and includes a lifetime warranty; wash by hand and dry thoroughly.




1. Hand Wash with soap and water.       Dry thoroughly.

2. Use a steel hone regularly. When hone is no longer effective, the knife should be sharpened. twice a year works well for most users.

3. Apply mineral oil with a cloth to restore the handle. (wood/micarta)


1. Place the knife in the dishwasher ! !

2. Use the knife on excessively hard food/items. (Frozen food, bones, etc.)

3. Use the knife for a purpose which it was not intended. (I.E. Knife Throwing, tree trimming, etc... not smart)

Sharpening Policy

 We love our knives and we want you to love them too.  The simple fact is though, you won't love em' if they become dull. Knives need sharpening and we want to help. We sharpen all NORA knives free of charge. You pay for the shipping to us and we take care of sharpening it and sending it back to you at our expense.  Easy as that.    

Lifetime Guarantee

 We stand behind our knives and they are guaranteed for life against any failure in workmanship or performance.  If you have any issues with our knives, please contact us and we will make it right. Period. No games, no hassles...we want you to be happy with your purchase. 

A bit about your knife…

Our version of a Japanese Santoku, this is an extremely versatile knife that functions similarly to a Chef knife.  Your NORA knife, # 4, is one of our higher end customs which incorporates a new metal we are testing: CPM S35-VN. This metal is specifically designed for knives and it claims to have incredible edge retention. Aside from keeping a very sharp edge, the metal is incredibly wear resistant which is a great combination for a professional chef or high volume user.  

The knife has a light patina at the top end of the blade which adds to the rustic, industrial feel of this knife.  The black linen micarta handle is virtually indestructible and is the perfect handle for those wanting a workhorse in the kitchen.

Santoku literally translates from Japanese as "three virtues" which refers to the three tasks this knife does exceedingly well: slice, dice, and chop.  While most Santoku knives generally lend themselves towards a chopping motion, we have also designed the blade with enough belly to facilitate a nice rocking motion as well.

Our NORA knife is lighter than most European Chef style knives so it allows for easy manipulation. It is perfect for those who don't want the bulkiness of a large, heavy chef knife.  Not surprisingly, this knife works wonderful for chopping and dicing vegetables but is also versatile enough for slicing both thick cuts of meat as well as delicate fillets.  We think it may be the single most useful knife in your kitchen.

Info on AEB-L Stainless Steel

A Swedish metal, originally developed for razor blades.  This steel is known for the ability to take a very fine edge.  Further, the extra fine grain in this metal makes it easy to sharpen and maintain. AEB-L responds beautifully to a hone.  Frequent honing will bring the edge back to life again and again and reduce the amount of sharpening needed.  

Composed of: Carbon .67%, Chromium: 13.00%, Manganese: .60%, Phosphorus: .025%, Sulfur: .015%, Silicon: .40% This steel is formulated with just enough carbon for the steel to get very hard but not make any chromium carbides.


Handle material

Pressed Wood 

Blade length

240 mm (9.5")

Thickness at spine

1.9 mm

Thickness at tip

0.5 mm

Hardness (Rockwell scale)